Sunday, 15 July 2012


Arielyx - Rapid Digital Thermometer

Price : RM19

The Arielyx DT-K111A is an advanced digital thermometer that is durable and reliable. It is manufactured to CE and FDA compliant standards. This innovative design features a flexible tip, takes temperature readings fast and is water-resistant. A large LCD screen allows easy reading of the temperature.

Arielyx - Infra Red Ear Thermometer

Price : RM 79

The Arielyx ET-100B is an improved easy-to-clean design requiring no probe covers. It is manufactured according to CE and European guidelines. This thermometer takes readings in 1 second and comes with a pouch for convenient storage.

Arielyx - Non Contact Infra Red Forehead Thermometer

Price : RM135

The Arielyx HT-82- is conpact and easy to grip. It is fast and features memory for the last 32 readings. It is able to take non contact reading between the distance of 5cm - 15cm.

Quick & easy to use.

Display range : 34 - 44 degree C ( +/- 0.2 degree C accuracy ).

Comes with a handy storage case and ideal for travelling.

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